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HG 512 OC

HG 512 OC


HG 512 OC. Please note all veiled glass is 96 coe and is sold by the quarter-pound, with the exception of select larger rod sizes which are sold by the half-pound.

  • FAQ

    Harlow Glass is currently producing 96 coe veiled cane with both a Bomma base (BO) and a new iteration of Spruce Pine (SP). We will also offer out-of-production GG Glass (GG). If using the veiled cane with minimal 96 coe frit, stringer, shards, etc, you should be safe to mix/match BO, SP, and GG. If you create layered encased solid forms/beads or use with other 96 coe cane (Reichenbach, Uroborous, Kugler, Gaffer, etc) you will definitely want to test for compatibility. We offer orphan bundles for testing purposes.

    Color code:
    BO = Harlow Glass produced with Bomma
    SP = Harlow Glass produced with Spruce Pine
    GG = out-of-production GG Glass by Gail Joseph
    1c = 1-color
    2c = 2-color (blended color)
    duo = 2-color duotone (separated color)

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