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HG 409 SP

HG 409 SP


HG 409 (2c SP)  Please note all veiled glass is 96 coe and is sold by the quarter-pound, with the exception of select larger rod sizes which are sold by the half-pound.

  • FAQ

    Harlow Glass is currently producing 96 coe veiled cane with both a Bomma base (BO) and a new iteration of Spruce Pine (SP). We will also offer out-of-production GG Glass (GG). If using the veiled cane with minimal 96 coe frit, stringer, shards, etc, you should be safe to mix/match BO, SP, and GG. For use with other 96 coe cane (Reichenbach, Uroborous, Kugler, Gaffer, etc) you may want to test for compatibility in advance of purchase. We offer small sample sets of short rods for testing purposes. 

    Color code:
    BO = Harlow Glass produced with Bomma
    SP = Harlow Glass produced with Spruce Pine
    GG = out-of-production GG Glass by Gail Joseph
    1c = 1-color
    2c = 2-color (blended color)
    duo = 2-color duotone (separated color)

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